DC Delusions

I guess the Democrats think the Capitol complex should look like the Green Zone in Baghdad. The barricades and razor wire are said to be permanent.

Last night as I listened to clips of Sandy from the Westchester Block saying Ted Cruz was literally – LITERALLY – trying to get her killed, how Kevin McCarthy showed up one the House floor wearing a white hood and surrounded himself with a cadre of Republican white supremacists, my first thought was that she was just as dumb as a rock and in need of a good spanking.

After I got past the idea of giving her one, I just couldn’t help thinking that these are the remarks of terribly insecure and paranoid people.

These reactions and accusations are not just out of simple ignorance or childish immaturity.

I am amazed at the sheer totality of paranoia and insecurity being exhibited by these people, these Democrats. AOC would normally sound like a raving loon, but she seems to be the poster child for the epidemic level of insecurity rampant in the Democrat Party.

But it is coming from senior members of their party as well. My only explanation for that is that these graybeards are cynical liars and political opportunists, absent of any guiding principle except the lust for power.

Biden’s flood of EOs are just like the kid who tries to eat all the cookies he can before Mom catches him.

The reaction of AOC (and the others) is the reaction of a child who has been caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar and when caught, crafts fantastical stories about how the monster in the closet really did it.

I’ve never starred with Horatio Caine in CSI: Miami and am not a mental health professional, but I have had a four decade career of managing people and projects and in my professional opinion, these are the reactions of people who know they did something wrong, they know we suspect they did, and they live in fear each day of being exposed.

Guilty people sensationalize threats and in the absence of real threats, will simply invent them. In Quixotic fashion, they constantly war against dragons to deflect from their own complicity. They live to fight new straw men every day, building massive fortifications as a defense of attacks that never come.

It would be easy to pass this off as “just Washington”, because Washington has always been a city of liars, immature children and internalized guilt – but this goes way beyond that. It has become so pervasive to appear to be a mental health issue.

The Democrats in Washington certainly appear to be in the grip of a legitimate epidemic of paranoid schizophrenia, and as every untreated paranoid schizophrenic does, they can no longer separate their delusions from reality.

Delusions are fixed beliefs that seem real, even when there’s strong evidence they aren’t. People with paranoid delusions are unreasonably suspicious of others. Paranoid delusions (also called delusions of persecution), reflect profound fear and anxiety along with the loss of the ability to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Now these people are asking America to participate in their delusions.

Houston, we have a problem.

2 thoughts on “DC Delusions

  1. My take is that all these Democrats, wither newbies or graybeards, have been amazed by how Biden still got into the Whitehouse after doing, and having done for him all the illegal actions that it took to eliminate Trump.

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