Shocking News: Men Like Women’s Breasts

I’m perfectly fine with a Level 2 or 3 Cleavage Event:


Men want power cleavage on first date… women prefer a subtle glimpse (and here’s Holly Willoughby to show you how) 

  • 41 per cent of men want to see serious cleavage on a date
  • However 73% of women don’t want to wear this level of push up bra
  • 35% say they would chose the lowest level of cleavage boost

Holly Willoughby is the perfect example of how a good bra can transform the breasts and dramatically enhance cup size.  The presenter often boosts her own naturally generous curves to give herself some serious cleavage on the red carpet.

And it seems ladies looking for love would do well to take a leaf out of Ms Willoughby’s fashion book this Valentine’s day.

Unsurprisingly, there is a rather large disparity between the level of cleavage a woman think they should be displaying on a first date, and the amount men want to see.

Plus, I just dig Holly Willoughby – TNRL saluted her with her own Rule 5 here.

14 thoughts on “Shocking News: Men Like Women’s Breasts

  1. Let me help you out here. The majority of cleavage comes from the cut of the shirt/dress you decide upon, and the bra to go with it. If I am wearing a low-cut V-neck, for instance, I want the girls to lift and separate. If I am wearing a scoop shirt, I’ll go with a balconette to display them like a rack (think 18th century.) I would post pics to show what I’m talking about, but I don’t know how. Let me just say this: Girls think bazookas are beautiful, too.

    • kells: Thanks for your elucidation!!! I’m a better man for it. As for myself, I find women interesting, full stop!!! That includes all parts, but admittedly the smile and the “girls” are usually the most visible, at least in social situations! And I think men and women are built to find each other attractive, although why women find most men interesting is evidence that there is a God, and that He or She has a sense of humor!!! That’s one reason I’ve never gotten the whole “Gay” thing. As that great philosopher Dennis Miller once said…”when a young man witnesses Sophia Loren emerging from the ocean and climbing onto a boat in the original “wet tea-shirt” scene, and said young man actually has the hots for the Captain, something very different is going on!” Neither Miller nor myself will ever understand what that’s about!!! CDE

      • Interesting observance. Personally, I don’t care to stare at a man’s junk. It all boils down to intelligence and wit for me……course, a foreign language can’t hurt…..

        Let’s face it: The female body is just more attractive than the male.

        • kells: No contest!!! Which is why I’ve always somewhat understood Lesbian attractions, and never remotely gotten the whole homosexual thing. But it is certainly real for the people who pursue it. One only has to attend one Greenwich Village Halloween Debauchery to understand there are people who are from a very different location than you or me. May they stay there as long as they care to, but leave my kids alone!!! CDE

            • And BTW Kells there are PLENTY of “Gays” which are Woody allen types…..there are 3 high-profile cases of such in fact right now ….. the female teacher From Calif for instance.

              By separating groups (as all Liberal Speech does) into *the WoodyAllen-types* versus * the gays*…..You are making a Sophistric argument which in the end trys to “imply” rhetorically that all ( Or MOST ) pediphiles are straight and Gays are not pedophiles……. an argument which at its heart is essentially Liberal anti-straight Hate-speech.

              Now wether or not this was your intention …. you have absorbed and the repeated the Progressive Meme to a “T”.

        • I assure you we guys have been “facing it” front and center since like….forever.

          That chart above puts a whole new meaning to “Daily pushups”….which by the way…. are very Healthy!

      • Amen !

        As for me, there is nothing more beautiful than g-d’s creation in a woman!

        Big breasts, small breasts, doesn’t matter … 😉

    • You can just send them to me and I’ll compare them to the chart and get back with you. It might take a few weeks, so send me a lot of them.

      • You’ve reminded me of a very funny story! There was a boy on another site collecting boob pics for a cancer fundraiser, and we were encouraged to send pics of our boobs. Well, Mr. Kells tells me that the fella is a full of shite perv, and refused my cooperation. I had to prove to him that it was, indeed, a legitimate endeavor so that he would approve. The funny part was Mr. Kells decided to be creative, and shot a photo of garden shears about to clip my tit. I didn’t get it. He told me that because both of our mothers had mastectomies, it was a representation of that. Now when I e-mailed the photo to this breast cancer fella, he thought I was an S&M nutter!! I had to explain to him that I’m really not into torture!!! (I’m getting the giggles again….)

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