She Man

Last night, I missed the dang Bruce Jenner interview! I really don’t watch television. I like movies. Daddy told me a good show was Twist of Faith starring Toni Braxton. I’m very fond of her singing, so I watched Toni over Bruce.

The show is very sweet, and I dig Braxton. Wish I could’ve directed it….or at least put in my two cents. While the actors were strong, the storyline and music stumbled a bit. Well, overall, it is sweet.

This morning I went to the youtube to watch the Jenner interview, but I guess that is not to be. I have mixed feelings on this whole song and dance….. (I read some transcripts and saw some clips.)

As a child, I hung out with the boys. When I had to wear a training bra in the 5th grade, I knew there was something amiss. But when I started menstruating in the 6th grade, I was devastated!

I slowly, and rather awkwardly, came into my own as this female being. It seemed natural as I was naturally attracted to boys. Yesterday, a FB test told me that I am 75% male. For some strange reason, I feel that my marriage would be in a wee bit of trouble if I started taking testosterone, and scientifically grew an attractive AI schlong.

Here’s what I don’t get: Bruce Jenner says he is attracted to females. Does this mean that if he goes through with a sex-change operation, he will then use an artificial form of the male genitalia after he receives his AI version of a quoi? It seems kinda silly, really. It seems counterintuitive to his goal.

Perhaps he is of the mindset that because he has fathered 10 children, he must now conquer his own dreams? Good luck finding a straight chick who’s in to that. Sorry, but most of us are very fond of the real thing, baby…..

There was a point in time when the American Board of Psychiatry deemed homosexuals and transsexuals as schizophrenics. I reckon because it goes against natural law. I’m glad they upgraded their classification. While I don’t find these folks to be “schiz on the fritz”; I do feel that a society with man-made enabling procedures will produce many unnatural manmade desires.

The reality is that politics should not include former Wheaties, now Fruit Loops star’s procedures into its mix. In the end, only God will judge and deem if this was #cool or #areyakiddinme .

In closing, I want you to know that for now you Earthlings are safe. I have decided to not transform into He Man. (Please hand out tissues to the 25 and under females in your life……yes, they are crying.)

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