Communist Party USA: Obama Will Defeat Racist White People

Shhhh, don’t you dare tell them Obama’s not a communist (’cause the TRNL *OOAs say he isn’t):

According to Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, Obama’s re-election was “an enormous people’s victory” over racist white people, Bob Unruh reported at WND Wednesday.

“The comment,” Unruh said, “was in a report to the Communist Party USA national committee from the party’s chairman, Sam Webb.”

Webb said that Romney’s defeat and the defeat of the GOP in the Senate “bodes well for the future.”

“What stands out was the resolve of women and especially single young women to defend their rights and democracy generally; what was heartening was the readiness of millions of white workers and trade unionists to stand with the President even in a weak economy and in the face of unrelenting and crude racist appeals,” he added, without specifying what appeals were “racist.”

“He said blacks, Hispanics and women worked together to defeat ‘racist … white people’ and that it now is time for the Communist Party USA to work on the foundations established by Obama on issues regarding the environment, homosexual marriage and minorities to its potential,” Unruh added.

* OOAs – Official Obama Authorities, pronounced “ooo-ahhs” (@melfamyasshat, @questionmanasshat, @drugstheasshat)

3 thoughts on “Communist Party USA: Obama Will Defeat Racist White People

  1. It’s OohBaahhMama. Which is your cue to promptly stick the la-la in the child’s, er, sheeps’s mouth and put them back to work. (How the hello do ya think ya can run a country without a binky?)

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