Redistribution has Crossed the Rubicon: ALL Downhill from here


It has become something of an accepted maxim that income inequality is an evil or injustice.  What’s more, it is equally accepted that those on the low end of the income inequality re somehow victims who bear no responsibility in their economic situation.  Now, set aside the fact that these notions are decidedly Marxist in their perspective and, as such, suffers from all the internal fallacies as Marxism.  Just, for the sake of argument, let’s accept the assertion that income inequality is an evil totally outside the control of those whom it affects.  Let’s look at what this means in terms of the Marxist solution of wealth redistribution.  But first, let’s accept a simple assumption: that whoever feeds you is the person who controls you.  This is simple human nature, for, without food, you cannot sustain your life.  So, if you rely on someone other than yourself to sustain your life, that person effectively rules over and owns your life.  Now, let’s look at how redistribution of wealth is connected to this assumption.

This is actually an easier point to make than many try to make it seem.  We need look at little more than the information presented in this story:

60 Percent of Households Now Receive More in Transfer Income Than they Pay in Taxes

Read the rest here…

4 thoughts on “Redistribution has Crossed the Rubicon: ALL Downhill from here

  1. Here is the last two paragraphs of the Linked article….

    “Mitt Romney was ridiculed for his comments on the “47 percent” and the issue of dependency, but CBO’s report illustrates that at least the bottom 60 percent of households now receive more in federal transfer income than they pay in total taxes and that it may not be long until 80 percent of Americans are net beneficiaries of transfer income.

    This raises an obvious and troubling question: Is it reasonable or fiscally responsible to ask the top 20 percent of households to pay for the government benefits of the other 80 percent of households?”

    The author asked is it REASONABLE or FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE for 20 percent of Families to pay for the other 80 percent of families government handouts….???

    I ask… is it even legal………….and most importantly is it MORAL ????

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