Utah Receives Wisdom From The Oracle

Could it be?

Many have questioned why the press seems to be all over The One lately. Being the warrior-king that I am, I have great affection for my subjects and will go to all ends to answer their questions. So I donned my Spartan man-skirt (some call it a tunic) and summited Mount Olympus to speak to the Oracles (I might have gone to see the hot chick dance, too) and I imparted their wisdom here:

I think that Obama’s 2012 campaign theme should be Obama 2012: The Boomerang. Everything that he throws out at Republicans eventually comes back and hits him square in the head.

I could be wrong, but I think we are beginning to see the media jump off the Obama Express to Losertown. It is getting increasingly embarrassing for them to defend and overlook Obama’s misrepresentations because the facts are so obvious. “Bush’s Fault” was a workable theme when there was no record except Dub’s to run on or against but Obama has his own now to run from.

Much like the victims of a con game that we talked about here, they are coming to recognize that they weren’t shills, they were just as much the marks as the rest of us rubes were. Now they are trying to flush their involvement in the scam down the memory hole, shift the responsibility and get out of the game with as much cash as they can. They are counting on you not figuring out that you have been conned until after they cash out.

It will be an interesting observation to see if the levels of criticism of the Obama regime by the MSM increase as we approach November. This will be a bellwether of their assessment of The One’s chances. I predict that it will reach a crescendo about a month after the Republican convention (if they think that he is a goner). It will be then that they realize that they can no longer cover for him and need to be able to say after the election, “Look, it isn’t our fault. We were tough on him – forget the that we carried his water for the past 5 years, that was then, this is now. Just look at how tough we were last month.”

Now that Obama has prosecuted his first and last term with the same degree of tepid ineffectiveness that has been the hallmark of his entire career, even the compliant members of American Pravda are tiring of the preemptive winner of the Nobel Prize for Promises of Hope and Change.

This. Is. SPARTA!

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