Rule 5: Hope and Change

I’m headed back to the good ole USA today for a couple of weeks of R&R and will be off-line and on airplanes for large chunks of time over the next 24 hours – but before I go, I wanted to leave you guys a little bonus, a veritable present on this Constitutional Overturn Eve (SCOTUS possibly to rule on O-Care and the AZ immigration law tomorrow).

All that covers the “change”, now for the “Hope”.

I’ve finally found some hope in the Age of Obama (thanks to my friend B3A) that I could definitely get “behind”: Hope Dworacyzk:

Did I happen to mention that she was Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 2010?

6 thoughts on “Rule 5: Hope and Change

  1. You’re being very silly, and you’re truly asking for it! I’ll go out dancing and not be behind a computer! You will pay if you keep this up! I’m losing my temper… Hmm…wander if there are any cute young thangs in this kickboxing class….

    (Please ignore the peanut gallery, everyone.)

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  3. M., you may delete my comments. I lost my temper. I musn’t use RNL to vent. I played and sang some on the piano and I feel better now. Admittedly, reading my rampage, I’m getting the giggles. I’m a very silly girl at times….I just wish I was a very silly girl with this girl’s ass because it is sa-weet!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch……

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