Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George W. Bush

So says Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph:

George W. Bush was widely mocked by the Left during the Iraq War, with liberals jeering at the “coalition of the willing,” which included in its ranks some minnows such as Moldova and Kazkhstan. Michael Moore, in his rather silly documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, went to great lengths to lampoon the Iraq War alliance. But the coalition also contained, as I pointed out in Congressional testimony back in 2007, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Poland, and 16 members of the NATO alliance, as well as Japan and South Korea. In Europe, France and Germany were the only large-scale countries that sat the war out, with 12 of the 25 members of the European Union represented. The coalition, swelled to roughly 40 countries, and was one of the largest military coalitions ever assembled.

As it stands, President Obama’s proposed military coalition on Syria has a grand total of two members – the US and France. And the French, as we know from Iraq, simply can’t be relied on, and have very limited military capability. It is a truly embarrassing state of affairs when Paris, at best a fair weather friend, is your only partner. John Kerry tried to put a brave face on it at his press conference today, by referring to France “as our oldest ally,” but the fact remains that his administration is looking painfully isolated.

What he said.

13 thoughts on “Barack Obama is proving an embarrassing amateur on the world stage compared to George W. Bush

  1. Don’t forget the interview he did in 2005 when he declared he would never consider running for president, as he knew he lacked the experience to do so. Ahem!!!

  2. Joe,

    This probably sounds like typical conservative paranoia, but could you foresee a scenario where global conflict breaks out in the next couple years via Syria, and we start to hear talk of the elections being suspended and/or some sort of rabbit-out-of-the-hat legislation (our through executive order), that keeps Obama in office past his due time?

  3. What is the most important quality a leader must have for his troops to be feared and successful in battle?

    I submit, the qualities required of a leader, are known to all leaders of the world.

    All the leaders of the world realize, Obama does not possess those qualities necessary for success as Commander in Chief.

  4. Alternatively the rest of the world saw what a clusterf**k Iraq and Afghanistan turned out to be and had the good sense to not try and become involved with another middle east disaster. Of course Obama needs a little war to try and distract people from the clusterf**k that he is making of your country.

    Also lol at texas95 – “feared and successful in battle”. Do you think the Taliban foot soldiers give two hoots about Obama’s leadership qualities?

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