Rule 5 – More Ink Please!

So what’s better than one extremely sexy tattooed girl?

Why two extremely sexy tattooed girls, of course. 🙂


Feel free to add your own.  That’s what these Rule 5 threads are all about after all.

Here’s another one – Michelle Bombshell:

Michelle Bombshell McGee in Black Bikini

Old Lady Full Body Tattoo

23 thoughts on “Rule 5 – More Ink Please!

  1. Granted that those are some mighty fine looking gals…………………… but to me they would be more attractive without the tats, and/or piercings we can’t see.

    • I’ve been having difficulties with the img tag in the comments section as well.

      And that girl is going to hate that forehead tat in the years to come.

    • Well let’s keep things in perspective gentlemen. While we may not like the art, let us not diminish the eye candy beneath it. 🙂

      • I would never get a tatoo, Augger, but I don’t mind looking at those who do. Unless, of course, they are of the gang variety, or feature ‘love’ and ‘hate’ inked on the fingers.

        • I hear you. Though I am not diametrically opposed to getting one, I have yet to find one that I felt like I could live with.

          For the record, the tattoos she has I find distasteful, but they are definitely offset by her balconies … and worthy of a Rule 5 gawking. 🙂

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  3. My gosh! Everyone wants to rush us gawkers to the aisle of matrimony. LOL

    Eye candy, and disposable eye candy at that. Nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

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