Known Racist Paula Deen Shoots Saint Trayvon (NBC’s Race War Fantasy)

Unfreaking believable. NBC is shameless – I guess editing Zimmerman’s 911 tape wasn’t enough to start a race war, so they decided to take it up to 11:

‘Law & Order SVU’ is tackling racial profiling head on in an upcoming episode that winds together the controversial Trayvon Martin case and the Paula Deen scandal.

In the episode, Cybill Shepard plays Jolene Castille, a famous southern chef. But instead of making a racial slur, like Deen, she guns down an unarmed, hoodie-wearing black teen she thought was following her on the Upper West Side, mirroring the Trayvon Martin slaying.

According to TV Guide, Castille claims she killed the teen in an act of self-defense because she knew police were chasing a rapist of the same description.

5 thoughts on “Known Racist Paula Deen Shoots Saint Trayvon (NBC’s Race War Fantasy)

  1. I would say, “you can’t make this stuff up.” except they did. and the following storylines are being scripted now……
    A politician, Dick Perilous, is accused of serial fondling and accidentally sent to Gitmo for intensive sex-addiction rehab
    The Secretary of State, Jill R Lee, arranges to have her lover killed in a fake muslim terrorist attack
    A black talk-show host is fired when it becomes known that he once called white men ‘honkies”

    I know, that last one is a little out there……

  2. Utah: The American media has long put me to mind of the unnatural offspring of Pravda and Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth. Outside of Rupert Murdoch’s media properties, there is no longer even a pretense of objective reporting of actual events, since according to the Liberal/Progressives there is no such thing as “objectivity,” only myriad “subjectivities,” with each perspective conforming to “how things should be'” rather than what they are. Lib/Progs take Kant’s distinction between the “thing in itself” (the noumenon) and the “thing as perceived” (the phenomenon) and deny the existence of the noumenon. Like their fellow travelers, the old Soviets, the Lib/Progs view every form of human communication, including art, journalism, academia, and others, as subject to the control and goals of the all-powerful State. As we’ve seen with CNN and NBC’s announcement of propaganda films for Hillary Clinton, any wall that might have existed between pure propaganda (CNN & NBC News) and art (CNN & NBC Programming) is fast disappearing. Once one accepts the reality (yes, there is one) of these developments, it provides a somewhat entertaining view as the American media risks broader societal awareness in order to pursue Orwell’s vision of unavoidable, 24-hour indoctrination of America’s proletariat. Fascinating to watch, don’t you think?

  3. Except for the exclusion of Fox et. al, from the list of problematic organizations, I could not agree more on the state of journalism in the USA,
    Give the McClatchey newspaper chain credit for not buying into the BS leading up to Bush’ war in Iraq, but I am unsure how good a job they are doing investigating the democrat’s pecadilloes these last 5 years. I will look into that

  4. How about a show about the crook that convinces the idiots that global warming is real and makes billions off the scam.

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