Americans — Especially Black Americans — NEED to Hear this Man

State Senator Who Slammed ‘Government Plantation’ in Moving Video Is Back — And You’ll Want to Hear About His New Role

63 thoughts on “Americans — Especially Black Americans — NEED to Hear this Man

  1. Unfortunate that this man is pouring his effort in to the Republican Party. I would be outstanding to see him in an Independent SuperPAC.

  2. Ah, yes; there’s nothing more persuasive than having a middle-aged white conservative tell “Black Americans” what they NEED to do, complete with capital letters. 🙂

      • Funny, Joe; I didn’t realize that I had inadvertently engaged in “reasoning,” which I’ve long since learned is a waste of time at the RNL. I didn’t even bother to read your post — but just by seeing the headline, I knew who wrote it. I’m sure you consider your predictability to be a virtue, so there’s no reason for you to regard this as any form of insult.

        • Not to worry Jimmy …. you DIDN’T inadvertently is Any reasoning …. true to form you just blather on with entrenched Bias proving yourseldf to be the Intellectual lightweight we’ve all come to expect.

          To quote the Pithy “professor”….”……I didn’t even bother to read your post……( I just use the opportunity to shhot my mouth off meaninglessly )…”

          There I finished for u..

          • “There I finished for u..”

            Doubtful. If you boys run true to form, Joe will “ignore” me by featuring me in a whole ‘nother post. 🙂

            I might respond to more of your post, Donny, if I knew what the hell “DIDN’T inadvertently is Any reasoning” meant. Nah, I probably wouldn’t bother.

    • “Ah, yes; there’s nothing more persuasive than having a middle-aged white conservative tell “Black Americans” what they NEED to do, complete with capital letters.” – McPherson

      Interesting. I did not realize that Elbert Guillory was was a middle-aged white conservative.

        • It appears that way Greg. I literally scrolled all over this thread looking for that he was referring to, but could not find it.

          • “I literally scrolled all over this thread looking for that he was referring to…”

            Then you’re working too hard, augger — I was simply referring to Joe’s headline. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was that complicated. Joe got it, though.

            • “Then you’re working too hard, augger — I was simply referring to Joe’s headline. Sorry, I didn’t realize it was that complicated. Joe got it, though.”

              Well, here’s what happens when you take it easy on someone for the sake of building a better rapport. Greg was dead on. You did come in all hubris first, and presented yourself as a gigantic ass, but it’s ok … that’s just what you are used to anyway.

              Pardon me for attempting to toss you a bone.

        • Oh here’s the connection. Sadly, I was hoping for something more McPherson.

          At least our other professor does not disappoint.

        • “The post was about a black congressman from La., James.”

          Unlike our new college professor contributor, Professor McPherson has a reading comprehension problem.

        • “The post was about a black congressman”

          So? It was still a middle-aged white guy who was telling blacks what they “NEED” to do. How about if I tell you — as a native of the Pacific Northwest who lived in the South for all of two years — what all southerners NEED to do? Are you going to be responsive to that — regardless of whose words I’m sharing?

          If you don’t get that (as Joe did), I’m afraid I can’t explain it any better, Greg. Thanks. Augger, of course, is just an idiot and unworthy of another answer. Even if he were capable of getting it, he’d chose not to do so, just to be obstinate.

          • Ok, it seemed as if you had not even opened the post, and were assuming that it was a white guy, but you are talking about Joe using him as a proxy, correctamundo?

              • Well, he IS a Philosophy major, after all. And a noted historian, Constitutional expert, tank commander, sniper, and legend in his own mind. If all that doesn’t qualify him to tell Black people what they need to do, what would?

                    • You may have something there, Joe. I’ve never been as good a shot as I’d like to be with a firearm, a basketball, or a golf club. Not enough practice with any of them, I suppose.

                    • Well, I suck as basketball and golf. They tell me there is a “science” to them, but I’ve never figured it out. However, there is a science to shooting, so you can definitely improve there. It just takes proper form and practice.

                      BTW: Last time I heard, the record for Marine boot camp shooting quals was held by a female who came off the farm and had never fired a weapon before. She fired a 248 out of 250.

                      Incidentally, one of Israel’s greatest snipers was also female (Dr. Ruth — yes, THAT Dr. Ruth). Female snipers were also used very effectively by the Russians in the Great Patriotic War (WW II). they were good and the Germans feared them.

                    • The fine shooting by women doesn’t surprise me. As a kid I took gun safety in 4-H, and set the club record for target shooting. A few years later, I taught the class myself, and it included girls for the first time — two of the three broke my record. Someone once told me that was at least partly because females tended to have fewer bad habits to overcome, and because they were more willing to listen (more coachable) than males.

                      I gave up hunting years ago, and now rarely shoot any of my guns. I still play basketball a couple of times a week, and am now golfing weekly. Considering the time spent, I should be far better at both. Mostly, though, they’re a chance for “male bonding,” trash talk and exercise that I wouldn’t otherwise get. (I hate exercise just for the sake of exercise.)

                    • What you were told about the reason women are better shooters is true. I know how this will go over, but I was a PMI in the Corpse (Primary Marksmanship Instructor). Women not only have fewer bad habits and listen to instruction better, they don’t have as many ego connections to their shooting. If they miss, they don’t start with excuses, they ask how to correct the problem.

                      As for Bball and golf: you can keep them. Grown men running around in PJ’s cut off at the knees or beating a little white ball around with a stick while dressed in the most hideous pants and a shirt with an alligator on the tit aint for me. I’ll take hockey any day of the week — football if there’s no hockey 🙂

                    • I have to admit that I know almost nothing about hockey. I do like football, though I’m now a bit arthritic just from when I played in high school and for a couple of years of college. The players in both sports are too big and fast for me now.

          • “If you don’t get that (as Joe did), I’m afraid I can’t explain it any better, Greg. Thanks. Augger, of course, is just an idiot and unworthy of another answer. Even if he were capable of getting it, he’d chose not to do so, just to be obstinate.”

            Oh, I get it. I just find your remark to be a silly ass platitude. However, if your nether regions are that chapped by all this, I am sure I can get an African-American friend of mine to repost the video as to not to further insult your sensitive areas.

            Otherwise, I am certain you know where CVS, Wal Green’s, or what other pharmacy you purchase your vaginal care supplies from.

            • Augger,

              Why bother. An “African-American” (he prefers to just think of himself as an American) ON THE RNL, has already said much the same thing as the man in this video in his comments. I didn’t see SBJ giving him any grief, which means SBJ was just singling me out because…well, because that’s the type person he is — or SBJ is a racist (if you think you must be black to speak to blacks, you are a racist)

              • “I didn’t see SBJ giving him any grief”

                Actually, I have no idea who you’re talking about, Joe, or when — I honestly don’t come by here much, anymore. Feel free to provide a link.

                “if you think you must be black to speak to blacks…”

                I never said any such thing, of course. But somehow I think anyone is less likely to do something when someone who is from another group tells them they NEED to do it. What’s your reaction likely to be, if a New Yorker tells you that you NEED to do something?

                As for the whole race thing — I don’t think that you’re necessarily a racist, but you are the one who wrote the headline that set apart “black American” with dashes and the word “especially.”

                • And by the way, Joe, if you still don’t get it: Perhaps you and Augger can have that other “African American” on the RNL explain to you why your choice of headline might not be particularly effective for this post. Or perhaps he can explain to me here that I’m wrong, if that happens to be the case.

                  • The reason that you are wrong, is that you assume that no one here is nothing more than a pure white middle-aged fat white guy from the South. You do not know Joe’s heritage, or that of William Gates, of even that of myself.

                    And your pompous enough to think you can tell by looks too.

                    The truth of the matter is that we would have not heard a single word from you if this same story was titled “Americans —Especially the Middle Aged White Americans — NEED to Hear this Man”.

                    Well, that’s probably false on second thought. Given at how enamored you are with the sound of your own rhetoric, you probably would have vomited your bile anyway.

                    • Augger, I’ve never assumed you were fat. Just the opposite, in fact; I assume you’re a sad, pitiful little wimp who tries to make up for his lack of size by bragging about the things he claims to own and insulting people on blogs — while of course hiding behind a pseudonym.

                    • If you ever seriously decide you want to find out, I have no problem flying you out here. There’s a nice MMA school here we can test your theory at.

                      There won’t be a pseudonym to worry with then. 🙂

                    • Growing up as a principal’s kid who sometimes stuttered in an Idaho logging town, I’ve done more than enough fighting. Despite all the practice, I was still never particularly good at it — I’m the only college professor I know who has knocked someone out in a drunken brawl, but I’ve also had my oversized nose broken several times. I’ll now fight if necessary to defend myself or someone else, but not out of any need to prove something. Besides, I think MMA (and boxing, for that matter) as “sport” is moronic — especially since most good “unmixed” martial arts practitioners consider fighting to be a last resort.

                      Still, if you’re throwing airfare around, feel free to send me a ticket to come let you buy me that drink at the Fire Fly. I’ll even buy you one, though since I make a lot less money than you do I won’t treat the house. And wait until the snow flies here — the weather here is a lot nicer than anywhere in the South this time of year. Your summer heat and humidity might kick my northwestern rear more than a trained MMA fighter would, but I wouldn’t mind a break from our January cold. 🙂

            • “I am sure I can get an African-American friend of mine to repost the video”

              Not that I believe you have and African-American friend, but I’ll bet any one who was willing to do so would choose a less presumptuous headline. And even if s/he didn’t, it would come off as less condescending.

              Otherwise, your comment was just ignorant enough to illustrate my point. Thanks for doing so, yet again.

              • “Not that I believe you have and African-American friend,”

                You are right. I do not have “and” African-American friend, but I do have several African-American friends (and a couple that are family members on my grandmother’s side as well). So why don’t you just go right ahead McPherson, and say what you really want to say, and call me an Uncle Tom.

                Thanks for being fucking ignorant enough to fall in to the racist baiting bullshit, you racist bastard. 🙂

                • “and call me an Uncle Tom”

                  I just wish you were that good a human being, Augger. Actually, most people — white or black — know nothing about the real “Uncle Tom” (Josiah Henson), or they wouldn’t denigrate the name. I spend much of one media history class each year talking about him (the same class in which I dismiss the myth of Betsy Ross and the first flag).

                  Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book made Uncle Tom famous, but the image was twisted when the story was turned into a stage production (where white producers and audiences were unwilling — or at least considered to be unwilling — to accept a heroic black figure).

                  Since you probably won’t make it to my class, you can read more here: and

                  • I know about Henson, Stowe, and the cabin in Maryland. As I said, my grand mother is a product of mixed breeding from Selma, Alabama … so my life’s journey has been down both sides of the fence, which places a person in the awkward position of never being truly accepted by any single group. So save your platitudes for the current wave of race baiting opportunists. You get no high ground here. I still think you are a race baiting bastard for even attempting to derail the point Senator Elbert Guillory is making … simply because you hate the guy that put it in to a post.

                    • “simply because you hate the guy that put it in to a post”

                      I don’t hate Joe (or you), even if I don’t respect much of what either of you has to say. I can’t think of anyone I truly hate, other than child molesters and those who take advantage of those less fortunate than themselves.

                    • Judging by your contrary history of singling Joe out …

                      I guess you could be right though. It could just be an obsessive thing with you. Poor Joe, he’s got a creepy ass cracka stalker.

                      Does not seem like much of a badge of honor.

                      Any of you worried about my pseudonym, you’ll be able to find me at the Fire Fly in about 15 minutes. The Scotch is on me tonight. 🙂

        • The Glen Morangie is an excellent choice for me as well as I appreciate it’s complex salvos of fruitiness. The single uniqueness of Balvenie’s traditional handcrafted process yields a very rustic taste … I prefer the 12 year old variety. I think I just love Scotch; it’s a staple food item in my kitchen.

          I have a growing affinity for Members Mark as of late. I guess it’s seldom wrong to diversify. 🙂

            • Now that one I had to Google. Billed as a bottom-shelf whiskey? Now do not get me wrong, I have imbibed on more than my fair share of bottom shelf booze, and found most of them to be highly palatable. This one compares that highly to the other popular bourbons?

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