If This Weren’t So Sad, It Would Be Funny

Even the Obama ass-kissing, Tea Party hating, liberal asshat lefties at Salon are beginning to get it.

Now even they are openly asking themselves and their readers,”We have been telling everybody who will listen that for the better part of 5 years that Obama is the smartest man on the planet, so were we were really, really wrong or he is just a liar?”

For these statements to just be inaccurate and not be deliberate, calculated lies it would mean that the president 1) made his declarative statement to CBS even though he didn’t know the FISA court was secret (despite knowing all about the FISA court six years ago); 2) made his declarative statement to NBC but somehow didn’t see any of the news coverage of the Snowden disclosures proving the existence of domestic spying and 3) made his sweeping “actually abusing” statement somehow not knowing that his own administration previously admitted the NSA had abused its power, and worse, made his statement without bothering to look at the NSA audit report that Gellman revealed today.

So sure, I guess it’s possible Obama has merely been “wrong” but has not been lying. But the implications of that would be just as bad — albeit in a different way — as if he were deliberately lying. It would mean that he is making sweeping and wildly inaccurate statements without bothering to find out if they are actually true. Worse, for him merely to be wrong but not deliberately lying, it would mean that he didn’t know the most basic facts about how his own administration runs. It would, in other words, mean he is so totally out of the loop on absolutely everything — even the public news cycle — that he has no idea what’s going on.

Hmmmm. I know the answer…and they do, too:

But hey, if Obama partisans and the Washington punditburo want to now forward the argument that the president has just been “wrong” or inaccurate or whatever other euphemism du jour avoids the L word, then fine: They should be asking why, by their own argument, the president is so completely unaware of what his government is doing. After all, if he’s not lying, then something is still very, very wrong.

12 thoughts on “If This Weren’t So Sad, It Would Be Funny

  1. I think we all would have to consider lying to get our way if there was not a chance in hell that anyone in the media would ever confront us about the veracity of our statement.

  2. But then “Playing Cards” wiff da boys while the Bin Laden operation was going on was A-OK for them right ?

    I mean they’re all just buying the excuse he was “Clearing his head”….”Just relaxing” while all that was going down.

  3. Obama = bald faced willing liar carrying out Valerie Jarrets order’s received on high from their master(s). Reminds me of “get Mikey to eat it, he’ll eat anything.

  4. ::: whistles :::

    ♬ I can’t find my way, yeah, I can’t find my way … ♬

    Obama is lost. Someone issue an Amber Alert, please.

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